Advocating for You, Your Patients, and Your Practice

There are numerous resources and opportunities available to members through the AAO that aim to protect you, your practice and, most importantly, your patients. The AAO Advocacy Team works to ensure that nothing – particularly government policies – stand in your way as you work to achieve your goals. You can learn more about the AAO’s work on national legislation, consumer awareness campaigns, legal resources and the AAOPAC by visiting the AAO website through the links below:

Here at the state level, members of the FAO seek to build long-term relationships with our state Senators, Legislators, and Attorney General, working with the Florida Dental Association to influence policy priorities through legislation and regulation. Your involvement helps us present a unified voice to advocate for our state-wide priorities. Members may be called upon to reach out to your local representatives through phone calls or letters to seek support for our efforts. 

Ways You Can Help

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